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Bedford Chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Baer

My Chiropractic Philosophy

“A little bit of experience can refute a whole lot of research.” This is the fortune cookie quote that summarized my liberation from limitation.

I had always believed as I was taught by modern media that healing came from a bottle or a mechanized set of externally applied strategies. Following my chiropractic visit, my immediate transition from dramatic debilitation to pain free functioning greater than before my lower back pain started turned me into a dedicated advocate as well as client for life. But my involvement didn’t stop there.

My initial personal success with chiropractic followed an injury I experienced while training for a triathlon sprint. My lower back pain was so debilitating that I could scarcely walk. As I was working at the time in the mental health field I already had some appreciation for the holistic nature of natural healing but I felt envious that the chiropractor seemed capable of helping so many more people. I expressed these feelings and the chiropractor invited me to join the profession. Once convinced that it was possible I began my quest but I look back on this genuine invitation as another compelling reason to join my new career.

One of the other contributions to my selecting Chiropractic as a vocation was the way the philosophy lends itself to a healthier lifestyle for the practitioner. While I am not near perfect, I believe that in sharing valuable information about integrating healthy habits I am far more inclined to live them myself. With knowledge does come responsibility and not always popular choices.

Dr. Baer believes that learning from, and having an appreciation for, the lives of all of his patients is an integral part of being a healer.

In addition to his training as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr Baer holds a bachelors degree in Psychology, as well as a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, with a concentration in gerontology. “Working with elders is especially compelling to me because of the immediate gratification that results through connecting them with the healing power in their own bodies and minds. The appreciation they express, and the great life wisdom they have to share, is humbling”. Dr. Baer is an advocate of chiropractic care thru a lifetime, and has patients as young as a few days to many decades.

During the first 12 years of my practice, I commuted as far as 14 miles to go to my Cambridge practice. My wife and I often discussed my practicing locally including its pros and cons but it wasn’t until the revelation of the pending birth of out third child that I made the move. Our growing family made clear to my conscious mind what I had always known in my heart of hearts. I wanted to contribute back to the community that was contributing to the growth and development of my children. Working so much closer also afforded me that possibility to see so much more of their milestones and help my very dedicated wife with the daily burdens as well.

Never let school interfere with you education” I am always entertained by the wisdom of this paradoxical quote. The demanding curriculum required during my Chiropractic education provided me with strong foundational knowledge necessary to physically align the spine but I gained greater appreciation for the concept of health through studying several other techniques beyond traditional spinal adjusting. These include total body modification, applied kinesiology, activator methods, Contact Reflex Analysis and Network Spinal Analysis techniques . All of these techniques taught me that it is the response stimulated from the body that is more essential than the immediate placement of vertebra that results in healing. The intent of these techniques all touch upon the objective of setting the healing process in motion for more permanent change in healing.

“Education and experience has convinced me that, when placed in an optimal situation, the body will heal itself”

All of these disciplines involve hands-on manipulation of the spine and/or extremities, and corrective placement of joints and soft tissue in relation to their corresponding muscles and systems. Whether you come to the office as a result of an injury, a chronic condition, or simply seeking optimal health, Dr. Baer’s goal is to help you achieve the best possible functioning of your body and nervous system through reduction of stresses which source from chemical, emotional, or physical events. Dr. Baer’s use of chiropractic and applied kinesiology is designed to allow the human body to achieve that balance, and to remain in a state of optimal functioning.

Chiropractic literally means “done by hand”, and is a term coined in 1895 by the “father” of chiropractic medicine, Dr. Daniel David Palmer. Chiropractic care involves adjusting the spine and the extremities, physical and soft tissue therapies, and general wellness counseling to help bring the body into better alignment, thus alleviating pain and facilitating healing.

I hope that what I have written has given you some sense for my intention to help you and others access more of your potential. In terms of seeking or continuing your path toward wellness I can confidently say that it is your intention that is the most important element. Many report feeling an uplifting sensation or generally feeling better immediately upon making the first call to our office. I hope that will be your experience as well. Lets find out. I look forward to your call.

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